Delicious crawfish, and friendly service.

Greta R.

I have purchased both boiled and live from the Country Club location. The boiled were easy to peel, a good size, and well spiced. The live were a great, consistent size, and I only found 4-5 dead in the whole sack. Their prices are always fair.

Philip L.

First time I ate here was early in the season and the crawfish were big! They were boiled perfectly too! Peeled extremely easy and the seasoning was just right, not to salty like some I have had from other crawfish places. Keep up the good work! All of the employees were very friendly also! Thanks for my new place to get crawfish!

Dwyane D.

Take the extra drive to crawfish stop. Best crawfish in town. Huge and boiled to perfection. And they are on Waiter=win/win!!!! Worth the $$$!!!! You won't be disappointed and very reasonably priced! Nice and friendly staff!

Latoya B.

Some of the best crawfish I have had!!! Move over Boil n Go the Crawfish Stop is my go to place!

Josan M


Brad T.

Nice friendly people and great tasting Crawfish!!!

Michael A.

The crawfish is outstanding! Always!

David L.

Best crawfish around! Always a good size and the best flavor. Might I add, the employees/owners are very good people.

Reagan W.

The best crawfish I've ever had! Perfect seasoning. Great size. It never disappoints!

Cherie L.

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